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Calculate local resolution

Dear All,

Is there inbuilt program to calculate the local resolution in CISTEM? How to generate unfiltered half maps for calculating the local resolution using Resmap?

I used the output map from Autorefinement and also used the half maps from generate-3D panel, but it seems like Resmap is over-estimating the resolution in both cases (for eg: 4Angstrom map it shows as 3Ang).

Thank you.


At the moment there is no

At the moment there is no local resolution estimation in cisTEM. A future version will have this option. Until then, please use one of the published toold. If Resmap does not yield reliable estimates, you can use another tool, for example blocres.

Just to add to what Niko said

Just to add to what Niko said, the half maps generated from the generate3d panel are the unfiltered half maps, so those are what you should be using for resolution estimation.


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