Meet the cisTEM Development Team


Johannes Elferich
Johannes Elferich

Tim Grant
Tim Grant


Niko Grigorieff
Niko Grigorieff



Previous Developers and Contributors

We are grateful to our previous developers and contributors who were involved in creating and enhancing cisTEM. A list of previous developers can be found here.


Developmental Versions

Users are welcome to download, install and use developmental versions of cisTEM. These versions implement new features, some of which published, others still being developed and unfinished. However, they are generally less well tested and may lead to unexpected results. Users are therefore advised that they use developmental versions of cisTEM at their own risk. cisTEM databases should be backed up before opening them with a developmental version.

We are not able to provide support for developmental versions. Please access the version published in Lucas et al. (2021) here. More recent versions can be downloaded from the cisTEM repository here. Further information and documentation on the latest developments can be found here.

Below are snapshots of developmental versions that have been compiled statically to run on most systems without requiring compilation.


Statically Compiled Versions

 cisTEM-2.0.0-alpha-183-e549844-20231205.tar.gz (Latest version, use for single-particle processing and 2D template matching)

 cisTEM-ctffind5-b21db55.tar.gz (Version with CTFFIND5 as described in Elferich 2024)





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