Gain reference in cisTEM

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Gain reference in cisTEM

Dear all,

Would it be possible to rotate and flip a gain reference when importing data into cisTEM, for example 270 degree rotation and vertical flip (Y)? If not, does anyone know which software works to transform/correct the gain reference before importing into cisTEM?

Looking forward to hearing from cisTEM/EM experts. Thank you in advance.



You cannot do this within cisTEM.  You could achieve this using newstack and clip (from IMOD) using the following commands :-  

# Rotate by 270
newstack -rot 270 gain_ref.mrc gain_ref_rot.mrc

# Flip around Y axis
clip flipy gain_ref_rot.mrc gain_ref_rot_flip.mrc

I'm sure this can also be done many other ways.


Hi Tim, Thank you very much

Hi Tim, Thank you very much for letting me know how to do this. The modified gain reference works well in cisTEM!

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