AMD Threadripper 2

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AMD Threadripper 2

Hello everyone,

With Threadripper 2 coming out and offering amazing cost/core value, I'm asking if anyone has actually run cisTEM on AMD Threadripper or Epyc? As a follow-up question - does cisTEM use the AVX-512 or AVX-256 vectorization? 

Thank you for your time,


Hi John,

Hi John,

I have not benchmarked on and AMD CPU's, the binary available for download is compiled using the intel compiler, and links to the intel MKL. We have found this to be very fast on Intel cpus, but my guess is it will not work all that well on AMD -however I am interested to hear of benchmarks people come up with.

I think the AVX-512 should be supported by the MKL which is doing all the speed critical stuff, but i am not 100% sure.


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