Leave jobs running after GUI logoff?

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chuck sindelar
Leave jobs running after GUI logoff?

Hi Tim and Niko, is there any way to start a refinement and then quit the GUI while keeping the job running?  From how I understand the program it sounds like quitting the GUI during active refinements could make cisTEM "sad", which I would definitely want to avoid! (although I haven't been brave enough to try it yet)

The reason I am asking is it is common for me to want to start a job while remotely connected to a cluster from my laptop, i.e. from home. Then when I travel somewhere my internet link will get severed- which I expect to disrupt everything.

The alternative would be to get ahold of a terminal command that would execute the equivalent of a refinement job- but I haven't found documentation on how to do this yet..




There is currently no way to

There is currently no way to quit the GUI without also killing the running jobs. You can install and run remote desktop software, such as x2go to accomplish what you describe. Please also see the FAQ on this topic.

chuck sindelar
Thanks Niko!  I knew there

Thanks Niko!  I knew there had to be something in the forum somewhere on this, and there it was right in the FAQ- can't believe I missed it.  The x2go is a great tip.   - Chuck


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