Can't run anything new but I can interact with old jobs

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Can't run anything new but I can interact with old jobs


I ran out of space on our cluster while running a refinement and cisTEM crashed, preventing me from opening the database file. After clearing out some space, I have been able to open the database file but I can no longer run jobs--they look like they're running but they're really just stuck in the first iteration for days. I also can't export a refinement package. It gets exported and visually looks correct (relion format) but Relion tells me that it doesnt exist when I try to import it. The only thing I have been able to do is sharpen and save a map from an old refinement.

Does anyone have and idea of what may have happened and if there's any hope for fixing it?

Thank you,


Do the jobs connect back?  At

Do the jobs connect back?  At the bottom does it always says 0/20 connected for example, or do nodes actually connect?

If it stays at 0 and it used to work - that implies the binaries have moved position.


Yes, the jobs connect back

The jobs connect back, I started running one again to double check. And it got stuck at 5/5 processes. While the gui displays that, our cluster queue shows that I have nothing running. 


~ Eliza

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