unknown.mrc in exported stacks

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unknown.mrc in exported stacks

hi again,  

am still struggling with getting an exported stack containing original micrograph names.  From what I understand (in first post below) this information may be lost forever during import?  I hope that adding in this meta data for future cisTEM iterations will be considered as the default when exporting stacks.


I followed this post, which gave me particle number, but I instead want micrograph name.



I tried following this post under subsection "images in a group" but received null return when I input "select * from image_group_list;"



thanks again for your hard work



Yes I'm sorry the micrograph names are not kept when they are imported.  I think the only way to get what you want is to output the particle number from cisTEM, then track that back to your original star file to get the names.


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