summary-output.txt from the job Find CTF

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summary-output.txt from the job Find CTF


I don't see any summary-output.txt file written in the Assets/CTF/ folder after the job Find CTF finished successfully through GUI. How can I get that output file?

Can someone help getting/creating this file. Also, can someone help understanding what the 'Alias Res.: None' under 'Estimated CTF Parameters' means, where the Fit Res.: 2.57. Please see the attached png.

Best regards,


Hi Raj,

Hi Raj,

There is no output file.  To get CTF values, you can either export the refinement package, which will give you per particle CTF values, else you have to extract the information from the database.  A guide on how to access this kind of information from the database can be found here :-

Alias Res. None means that there was no Aliasing.


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