Refine packages (assets) issue in ubuntu 20.04

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Refine packages (assets) issue in ubuntu 20.04


Hello all, 

I'm new to cisTEM, and I've only used it on Ubuntu 20.04 but I am getting the following issue that won't let me get high resolution images:

The refine package tool (Refine Pkgs.) in Assets won't let me enter either of the following information:

1) Estimated Largest Dimension/Diameter, when using New Refiment Package as template refinement package.

2) Select class average selections to use, when using Create from 2D class Average Selection as template.

Is anyone using the latest ubuntu edition having the same problem?  I have unistalled the program, and re-installed but the issue persists.

I have attached pictures showing the isssue. 

Thank you

This is a duplicate of :-
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