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question about some parameters

I am new in CryoEM, and testing run cisTEM follow the tutorial, it gave me nice results after following all the input suggested in the tutorial. Just curious is there anywhere I can see the B factor after refinement?

Besides, what is the difference between "maximum particle radius" and "characteristic particle radius" during the particle picking step? should the characteristic radius always smaller than the maximum particle radius?


Hi Lin,

Hi Lin,

The sharpening in cisTEM flattens the spectra, and so it doesn't calculate a b factor.  You can enter one manually to see how it looks, but it is not automatically calcuated anywhere.

Maximum particle radius is essentially a proxy for how close particles can be, characteristic particle radius is how large a blob is used in picking.  characteristic does not need to be smaller than maximum, i often use one that is larger.  It is best to use the size of your particle as a rough guide, then play with these numbers to get the best pick.



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