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Project Migration

Hi Tim,

I just transferred a project from our cluster to my local machine. When I opened the project on my local machine, I clicked Migrate option. However, it seems that the path in the db file is still the absolute path. When I want to pick particles again under Action tab, cisTEM will crash. Could you suggest how to fix this problem? Thanks!

Best regards,


Hi Wei, 

Hi Wei, 

This suggests that some of your files were not contained in the project folder? Files outside of the project folder are not changed in the database  so if you imported images from a location, that is outside the project folder, and no longer accessible on the new machine, you will see this sort of crash. If this is the case, you will have to either copy the files to the same path, only on the new machine  or update the path in the database.


Does it sound like this could be the problem? Are your images outside the project directory? 



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