Options for Manual Refinement are different under Show Job Details

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Options for Manual Refinement are different under Show Job Details

I have noticed that the options I specify for Manual Refinement (particularly under the "Reconstruction" and "Masking' subsections) are not what appears after the job is done and I check the "Show Job Details" in the Results section (see attached). Which set of settings were actually used under the hood?

As an aside, I notice that the value of the "Reconstruction ID" looks like some integer overflow is happening somewhere? It no longer changes between rounds of refinement, and I certainly haven't initiated quite that many jobs.

I'm hoping my database isn't corrupted! I had to do quite a bit of manual editing of the picks to get things right, which I would prefer not to have to redo. If so, is there a fix less drastic than backing up the appropriate tables of interest from the sqlite database and starting from scratch?



Your database is not corrupt.  In the released version there is a bug in how this information is read in - it will be fixed in the next release.  If you need access to this information in the mean time, you can get it through direct database access - as described in this forum post :-




P.s it never hurts to backup your database every so often, you just need to copy the .db file when the database is not open.

Oh shoot, I thought I had

Oh shoot, I thought I had done my due diligence in going through this forum's posts, apologies. The solution in that previous thread works, now that all my jobs have finished and I can go through the database manually.

Thanks for your quick response, Tim, as well as all the hard work put into cisTEM -- it's a great piece of software!

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