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movie subframes processing

Thanks for releasing this amazing software. It outperforms other current software in many ways.

I have one question regarding to movie subframe processing. For example, I have a dataset of 30 frames, 90e/A2 in total. I would like to process the early subframes, but without start from begining again. What's the best practise you would recommend.

Cheers and Congratulations!

You will need to redo your

You will need to redo your movie alignment using the parameters you want (you can set a first and last frame in the expert options).   The active job in the move results panel should be set to this job automatically.

You will then need to create a new refinement package in a way that cuts it from the aligned images, this would be either by selecting "New Refinement Package" or by using a "2D class average selection".  This refinement package will now be created using the new movie alignment.  You could then run auto-refinement or manual refinement global search to use this, but at the moment there is no way to easily use the parameters you already have.

A couple of "hacks" that may get you want you want (but the particle stacks will have to be exactly the same particles).  You could export your current refinement package, then import a new refinement package where you select the new particle stack (with the movie frames you want) and the old parameters.  Alternatively, you could copy the new stack over the old stack, it will then be used in subsequent refinement with the old package.  You will need to be careful if you use either of these that the particle stacks are exactly the same particles.

In the future, we will try to make this step easier, making it possible to generate new movie sums without rerunning the aligment, and to use old parameters more easily.



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