Merge 200kV and 300kV data

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Merge 200kV and 300kV data

Is it possible to merge two data sets together in cisTEM that were recorded at two different voltages?

I have one data set that was recorded at 200 kV and one at 300 kV. Previously I have merged data by combining star files and particle stacks prior to inputting them into cisTEM. However that won't work in this case.

If I imported the two data setsĀ as separate refinement packages and combined the resulting par files and stacks together by hand, would that work? How would I get them back into cisTEM?

Merging datasets recorded at

Merging datasets recorded at different voltages is currently not implemented in cisTEM. One workaround might be to process the two datasets independently, adjusting the pixel and box sizes to be the same (use resample and resize, which can be found in the cisTEM bin directory) and adding the 3D volumes.

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