Launching cisTEM jobs from command line

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Launching cisTEM jobs from command line


I am wondering about the possibility of launching cisTEM jobs without launching a GUI (using the command line via slurms for example). Could not find anything online about.

I am interested in trying cisTEM for processing large volumes of data (more in automated fashion).

Thank you in advance, Irina



Hi irina,

Hi irina,

It is possible to run the cisTEM programs from the command line, but only in a dumb way. If you look in the bin directory, you will find all the programs, and they can all be run from the command line.  However, the gui does a lot of the control aspects, and this would need to be replicated in some kind of script.

Depending on exactly what you want to do, this may be feasible, but in many cases it probably doesn't make sense.  If you want to run throuugh the whole cisTEM processing pipleine for example, there is currently no easy way to do this from the command line.   If you want more details / have more questions - I'm happy to answer them - just let me know.



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