Importing/exporting particle coordinates

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Importing/exporting particle coordinates

Thanks for releasing cisTEM. I am very impressed by the performance of this software, however, I am missing the template picker in the current version. Therefore, I am very interested in the possibility of importing the coordinates from other particle picking programs. My coordinates are in *.box format, how can I import them and vice versa?


Hi Dovile,

Hi Dovile,

We have had a lot of success picking without templates on many projects, so I would encourage you to give it a try, you may have to spend half an hour or so optimizing the paramters, but you should be able to pick most samples very well, and it is very fast and eliminates template bias.

You can import particle co-ordinates, they need to be in a specific format which is described here :-

There is not a direct export at the moment, but if you create a refinement package, and export it to Relion the co-ordinates should be included.



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