How to repair .db file?

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How to repair .db file?


I have an issue to open the .db file.

Once I try to open my project .db file in the cisTEM, the warning message like below always pops up;

Database is marked as owned by :-

PID : 2410
Host : xxxx

Each database should only be opened by one instance of cisTEM at a time, otherwise corruption is possible. If it exists, you should close the other instance before continuing, if this message is the result of a crash etc. then you can overide and continue.

Do you want to overide?


Once I click 'override', cisTEM goes away and then, the other warning message like below pops up in the terminal;

Oops. Could not find array position of asset with ID 518667
Segmentation fault (core dumped)


I would appreciate it if you kindly help me how to figure this out.


Thanks in advance


Hi John,

Hi John,

Sorry abotu that, I think this is probably a known bug to do with particle position asset groups.  Can you try the following and see if it fixes it :-



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