How to obtain the cisTEM particle scores

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How to obtain the cisTEM particle scores


I saw an article used cisTEM particle score to throw bad particles, so I want to export the cisTEM particle score for each particle during the refinement process. But in the Results->3D Refinement page, I don't see the score. I also tried to export the star file after the refinement, the score did not appear in the star file.



The articles said as follows:

> We then use this model to determine the alignment parameters for each particle using the projection matching algorithm implemented in cisTEM. During this process, each particle is assigned a score value that measures the quality-of-fit between the particle image and a projection of the model in the assigned orientation (higher score values represent a better match between the data and the model).


I wonder how to get the score in the cisTEM software.


Any advice would help!


Thank you very much!


The best way to get the

The best way to get the scores is from the 3D Refinement Results panel, selecting the refinement you are interested in, then pressing the paper icon next to the angular plot and saving the parameters as a text file.

I found the score, thank you

I found the score, thank you very much!

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