Generate 3D from TM matched angles

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Generate 3D from TM matched angles

Hello again,

I am running into trouble generating a 3D volume from the template matched hits using the angles found during template matching.

In order to extract the particle images, I import the X,Y positions found from template matching using a .txt file (format: micrograph name, X (Å), Y(Å)).

The import of positions is successful and I can run de novo auto-refinements successfully, but I am hoping to use generate 3D for a sanity-check of the template matched orientations.

In order to incorporate the orientation information, I export a .par file and .mrc stack, replace the randome euler angles in the .par file with those from the .txt. files written out by make_template_results, and then re-import.

The problem is encountered when I attempt Generate 3D from the re-imported .par file. The orientation plot in the Generate 3D job looks consistent with expectation, but an empty 3D volume is ultimately generated. Re-export of the .par file shows the OCC column set to 0.00.

Any insights into making Generate 3D from template matching results easier and what I am doing incorrectly at the Generate 3D step?
Thanks so much!