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Find CTF failed

Dear All,

I ran into a problem with Find CTF. One of my micrograph might cause the ctffind job crashed So there is a message in the message window in GUI

"All slaves have re-connected to the master.
Error: A slave has disconnected before all jobs are finished."

There terminal shows following.

"Socket Server is now NULL
Could not find bin"

Every other micrography is completed successfully, however the GUI still show "Terminate Job" button only. After I click it, "Finish" button shows up and but nothing was populated into database after clicking it. I ran with different parameter several times, but consistly ran into this issue. No results were saved.

1) Can the program at least show which micrograph cause problem in terminal, so I can remove it from the list

2) Can the program populate the database with other results and just not include the incompleted ones.

Thanks and Regards,


Thanks for the feedback -

Thanks for the feedback - hopefully features like these will be included in future releases.  

Until then, if you are still having this problem and are not sure which micrograph is causing the problem, you can make groups containing different subsets and see which subset crashes to narrow it down.



ctffind bug


This must be a bug in ctffind. It would be great if you could find the micrograph causing the problem so I can solve it properly. My guess is that one of your micrographs is causing ctffind to find very unusual values, but it's hard to be sure without reproducing it. 

In the meantime, I have changed the code so that it shouldn't abort anymore when this happens (I think, but I can't be sure, that it'll just return strange results). The next bugfix release of cisTEM should hopefully mean at least you get results for the other micrographs.

Please let us know if you can work out which micrograph is triggering this bug. It'd be very helpful.

Thank you,

found the culprit micrograph

I have found the culprit micrography. It's a VPP data that is very close to zero defocus. In fact, after I change the defocuse search range to extremely low, it actually passed eventually. How do I pass the original micrograph for diagnosis?




HI Jian,

Great! I will contact you directly so that you can send me the micrograph & settings for me to reproduce this bug.


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