error trying to save 2DTM output

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error trying to save 2DTM output



When I click the floppy disc to save the table with info about my peaks during 2DTM, I get the following error and the program crashes regardless of the option I choose (screenshot attached).

Is this a bug or some issue with my system?




Hi Zoe,

Hi Zoe,

This is a bug, we haven't been using this feature. You can access the data another way. In cisTEM there is a commandline program called "make_template_result" that will give you:

1. A coordinate.txt file that is pretty much the displayed table.

2. A "result.mrc" file that has the best matching projections in 2D

3. A "slab.mrc" that shows the best matching orientations as 3D volumes

We are currently making our own shell scripts for batch processing. The files you need are saved in the Assets/TemplateMatching/ directory and are numbered (zero indexed) per image in the order that you ran the searches.



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