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disappearing previews

After I had imported my movies/images and ran a CTF estimation and particle picked in cisTEM, I moved the original file for my .mrc movie files. Now I do not see previews of my images when I click through my picked particles, and I also don't see previews of the 2D classes.  I moved the original movie files back to where they were imported from, but no difference. Any suggestions?


Thank you,


Hi Megan,

Hi Megan,

In order to see previews for movie alignment / CTF estimation, the images (not the movies) need to be in the correct location. If you imported images, then this location will be wherever you imported them from. If you imported movies and aligned within cisTEM, then the images will be in your project folder, under Assets/Images, additionally there is an Assets/Images/Scaled folder which is designed to hold a scaled version of the image, if that is filled it will use that first which speeds things up a bit.

The classaverage files should be in the Assets/ClassAverages folder, and the particle stacks in Assets/ParticleStacks, unless you imported a particle stack in which case it needs to be wherever you imported it from.



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