CTF estimation on motioncorrected movies

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CTF estimation on motioncorrected movies


I'm having problems trying to do CTF estimation on movies that have been motion corrected using MotionCor. Importing these movies either as movies or images will not allow me to select them as movies in the CTF estimation action - is there a formating change I need to make?





If you import aligned images, then you cannot use movies for the CTF estimation, as cisTEM doesn't know which movies belong to the images.  If you import movies, then you can't do CTF estimation until you have aligned the movies - obviously as this point, the movies will have been aligned in Unblur and not MotionCor.  There isn't a way to import images and movies, and do the estimation of the movies i'm afraid.

You can import the images, then do the CTF estimation on the images, but it sounds like you don't want to do that.

if you do want to do it, then currently the only way would be to use one of the following "hacks" :-

1. import movies, the align them using cisTEM. Then copy the MotionCor aligned movie file over the cisTEM aligned movie file.

2. Import movies and images, then hack the database such that the images point to the correct movie.  The database is in sqlite format, and you can use the command line sqlite3 program to make changes to it, but you need to have some experience with SQL.  The images are all listed in a table called image_assets, and the movies are in a table called movie_assets.  The column parent_movie_id in the image_assets table needs to equal the movie_asset_id column in the movie_assets table for them to be linked.

I'm sorry there isn't currently an easier way to do what you want.


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