corelation between stack and particle

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corelation between stack and particle

Dear all,

I have imported stack (.mrcs)  and star files from relion. Everything is fine.

I did autorefine. I classified one autorefine model (i.e. parameters) into 3 classes using 3d mask on one region. Lets say I like class 1. I use the particles from class 1 bu creating new stack.

In the other hand, I used same autorefine model (i.e. paratemers) into 3 classes using 3d mask on another region. Lets say I like class 1 also from this classification.

Now the proeblem is how to find the corelation between two classes in relation to parent stack? In other words, Is there any particles that are in both classes from two seperate classification.

How to find out?

Thanking you in advance


Hi Jay,

Hi Jay,

I'm sorry, but there is currently no way to do this from within the GUI.  However you can work this out yourself if you want.  In the refinement package the Ori. Pos. ID should refer to the original position in the imported refinement package.

You first need to know the IDs of the refinement packages you want.  If you type the following :-

sqlite3 name_of_database.db "select * from refinement_package_assets;"

it will list all refinement packages - you can find the refinement packages you want, and the first column is the id.

To return a list of all the original position asset ids for a given refinement_package_id use :-

sqlite3 name_of_database.db "select original_particle_position_asset_id from refinement_package_contained_particles_$wanted_id;"

e.g. to return all the positions for the refinement package with the id 1 :-

sqlite3 name_of_database.db "select original_particle_position_asset_id from refinement_package_contained_particles_1;"

If you had 2 refinement packages, created from the same initial refinement package and you want to see which particles are in both then the following command would return them :-

sqlite3 name_of_database.db "select refinement_package_contained_particles_$first_id.original_particle_position_asset_id from refinement_package_contained_particles_$first_id,refinement_package_contained_particles_$second_id where refinement_package_contained_particles_$first_id.original_particle_position_asset_id = refinement_package_contained_particles_$second_id.original_particle_position_asset_id;"

e.g. To return all particles in both the refinement package with an id of 7, and the refinement package with an id of 9 :-

sqlite3 name_of_database.db "select refinement_package_contained_particles_7.original_particle_position_asset_id from refinement_package_contained_particles_7,refinement_package_contained_particles_9 where refinement_package_contained_particles_7.original_particle_position_asset_id = refinement_package_contained_particles_9.original_particle_position_asset_id;"




Thanks alot.

Thanks alot.

I will let you know how it goes


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