Combining Particle Stacks

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Combining Particle Stacks

I have 2 datasets, one has mostly top views, and the other has mostly side views.  So the best way to avoid preferred orientation, I would like to combine the 2 datasets.  However, the first set is using thin carbon over holes and second sets is using holey grid.  Therefore, contrast and picking parameters are different.  

Do you have a good way to combine datasets via refinement packages or particle stacks?  This will be very helpful in the future.  So far when we combine sets (same grids and contrast), we simply started from the beginning.

In the past, I exported the refinement packages to star and mrcs files.  I can easily combine the star file, but mrcs file is a bit difficult task due to memory limitation. 

Thanks cisTEM team!

There is no easy way to do

There is no easy way to do this right now.

One "hack" way to do this, is to run 1 round of 2d classification with 1 or 2 classes on both the stacks, select all the class averages as 2d class average selections, then make a new refinement package from 2D class average selection and select both.





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