cisTEM GUI crash when openning a project

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Yitian Luo
cisTEM GUI crash when openning a project


I found some problem when I attempt to re-open a project after running 2D classification a dialog showed as follow:

Database is marked as owned by :-

PID : 31951
Host : localhost.localdomain

Each database should only be opened by one instance of cisTEM at a time, otherwise corruption is possible. If it exists, you should close the other instance before continuing, if this message is the result of a crash etc. then you can overide and continue.

Do you want to overide?

I choosed to override and the dialog appear again. When override was chosen again, the GUI crashed and erro message on terminal showed as follow:

Oops. Could not find array position of asset with ID 37246
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I've tried to restart the machine and ensured nobody else is accessing to this project.

How can I recover my database form this issue?


Yitian Luo



Can you see if you are affected by the bug described here :-

If that does not solve your problem, please let me know so I can look into it further.



Yitian Luo
That works!Thanks a lot

That works!Thanks a lot

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