Change pixel size after import?

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Change pixel size after import?


is there a way to change the pixel size somewhere downstream of movie import? There is an option to re-sample the pixel size when importing movies, but then it seems like this pixel size is fixed for the rest of the workflow. We typically like to align movies in super-resolution mode, extract binned particles for initial 2D analysis, then re-extract unbinned particles after we reach Nyquist with binned datasets.



Hi Rick,

Hi Rick,

There is no easy way to do this at the moment i'm afraid.  cisTEM using on-the-fly binning so things are being binned in the processing though, so whilst pre-binning would give you some speedup, it isn't as much as it would be without the on-the-fly binning.

I basically always resample in the movie import to 2xpixel size or 1.5A (unless i'm thinking there is a possibility of better than 3A).


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