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Bypass CTF

I am trying to process some negative stain data and from what I have read CTF correction can be problematic for that. is it possible to skip that step?

I missed this, and so I am

I missed this, and so I am late replying - but for future sake - if you set the defocus values to 0, CTF will be skipped.  The easiest way do to this is to change the defocus values for the images to 0 and re-extract the particles.  The following commands would work :-

first backup your .db project file, and make sure the project is closed

sqlite3 you_database_name.db

update estimated_ctf_parameters set defocus1=0.0, defocus2=0.0;



Then reopen the project, remake your refinement package and any jobs run with that, will not use CTF.





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